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  [Features] SSD Cache
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Greatly accelerate read IOPS

SSD Cache leverages the high speed and low latency of solid state drives in delivering faster read performance where it counts most – in high demand, vital data that must be accessed frequently. The feature helps users to better cope with high I/O loads and growing storage capacity requirements while dramatically boosting performance. SSD Cache presents particularly attractive advantages in read traffic-intensive environments, for example online transaction processing (OLTP) and email (Microsoft Exchange).

Proprietary Infortrend SSD Cache technology allows up to four SSDs per controller to be used as a high speed cache, with sizes of up to 3.2TB. This large cache capacity offers ample room for essential data and applications, which can be allocated to the SSD Cache pool. In terms of IOPS,  SSD Cache runs up to 16 times faster than systems without SSD Cache in tests, and further reduces response time by as much as 88% in the same test.






Up to 16 times the IOPS with SSD Cache Increased read performance especially for read-intensive data
Reduces latency by up to 88%  Better performance with less response time
Quicker warm-up time Speedier and more immediate access to frequently-used data and applications 
Supports four SSDs per controller and as much as 3.2TB total cache space  Larger capacity cache pools 
User friendly and intuitive GUI Simple set up, management, and maintenance with little effort or training



Up to 16X read preformance with Infortrend SSD Cache technology



How Infortend SSD Cache works?


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