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  [Features] Local Replication
 작성자 : 최고관리자
작성일 : 2015-01-06     조회 : 16,959  

중요한 업무 환경에서 사용자는 자신의 귀중한 데이터 세트에 대한 강력한 보호를 요구한다. 사용자 데이터를 가장 효율적인 방법으로 보호하기 위해 로컬 복제는 Infortrend 스토리지 시스템에게 snapshot와 대량 카피/mirror 능력을 향상시킨다. 공간 절약형 snapshot 카피를 이용하여 사용자는 쉽게 파일을 복구하거나 필요한 데이터로 롤백 할 수 있다. 전체 데이터 카피를 이용하여 사용자는 RAID 보호 볼륨이 치명적인 고장의 경우 빠르게 서비스를 복구할 수 있다.

Features Benefits
Increased availability Immediately use disk-based full data copies to support applications when source data volume fails; constantly mirrored copies minimize data loss
Restore files and roll back data in seconds; data is protected from accidental or malicious losses to ensure the highest system availability
Space-efficient, low-impact data protection with snapshots Instantly take point-in-time data images and use them as granular recovery points while consuming minimum disk space and performance by storing only data changes
Flexible data copy deployment Split and re-sync mirroring between source and copy as business needs require; flexibly leverage independent copies of production data for secondary applications
Simplified management Take advantage of scheduling and capacity control mechanisms; minimal manual intervention is required to perform data protection
Affordable data protection Extend data protection beyond RAID capabilities while staying within tight budgets
Close integration with applications Ensure close integration with leading operating systems and common business applications



Infortrend's local replication with snapshot and volume copy/mirror



관련 제품

EonStor DS Family                                                                                                                                                      


ESDS 1012

ESDS 1016

ESDS 1024B

ESDS 2012

ESDS 2016

ESDS 2024B

ESDS 3012

ESDS 3016

ESDS 3024

ESDS 3024B

ESDS 3048

ESDS 3060


EonNAS Family                                                                                                                                                           


EonNAS 1004

EonNAS 1008

EonNAS 1012

EonNAS 1016

EonNAS 3012

EonNAS 3016

EonNAS Pro210

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